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Motorboot Tullio ABBATE zum Preis von 25.000€ zu verkaufen.


  • L: 10.05
  • B: 3.03
  • T: 1.76
  • Gewicht: 4.750 T
  • Motor: 300 kw
  • Gebaut : 2006

Let me explain the art of speed

Every day, towards evening, the silence from the postcard enclosed body of water between the tip and the charms of Balbianello Bellagio is crossed by a thunderclap: Tullio Abbate trying a speedboat bullet-shaped. The lake is flat, the sun is at sunset. E ‘in a similar scenario, in the middle of that branch of Lake Clooney, who is celebrated for almost a century the pagan ritual more expected by the timpani of Lenno inhabitants, Azzano, Tremezzo, Griante. Here he was born the Italian speedboat racing. Here Guido Dad managed to invent the art of speed. And here Tullio Abbate, 72 son of a brilliant father among the pioneers of that era, continues to walk his path traced on the water. Invisible to most, very clear for him.

mehr Geschichte von ABBATE in englisch hier 



Preis 25.000€

Tom Eugster

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